Bridal Alterations

We do fitting and alterations for all your bridal party. Sew Is Me is available to expertly handle your alterations needs. You are treated with personal attention and we are dedicated to providing quality custom work for your wedding day attire.

What to Expect from the First Fitting to the Last:

You can expect personal one-on-one attention. One person will be scheduled at a time – if you have more than one in your wedding party, please let us know in advance! We will be happy to meet with your entire wedding party as needed.

First Fitting

It's important to have the proper undergarments, petticoat and shoes that you will be wearing with the dress. It affects the fit of the dress. The height of the shoes, fullness of the petticoat will make a difference in the hem length. The bra affects the way the top fits too, so these items are important and you must bring them to every fitting. You will be pinned and measured and scheduled to come back to a second fitting or maybe just the final fitting, depending on the dress.

Second Fitting

The second fitting you will be asked to try on the dress to check the alterations that were done, as some hems get basted up to check on the length and trims. Beads may not be replaced till the final fitting as it may need some added adjustments. Usually only 2 fittings are needed. If a third fitting is scheduled, it is to ensure that you have a perfect fitting garment for your wedding day.

Payment for Gown and Dress Alterations

At least 50% is asked at the time of your second fitting. Please pay the balance at your final fitting or when the garment is picked up. Personal checks can be accepted and cash.

Please email or call to find out how we can make your next sewing project a success.
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