At Sew Is Me, we perform all types of alterations on all types of clothing and home decor. You can bring in anything from business suits to curtains. We can taper garments in, or let them out, if there is room in the seams. We hem or cuff slacks, and shorten or lengthen sleeves. We also put in new zippers and mend holes. At Sew Is Me, we have been professionally altering clothes for many years, and will handle your garments with a professional attitude and an experienced eye.

Our normal turn-around time for regular clothing is approximately two weeks. Some special jobs, such as relining a coat may take longer. Our prices our competitive and estimates can be given in person or over the phone for basic items. We also require that all garments must be cleaned prior to alterations.  It is also recommended with all clothing that need the length altered, to bring in the shoes that you will be wearing with that particular garment. 


We install zippers in all types of coats, including leather. If your zipper does not work, there may be two options. Most of the time the zipper itself is damaged and will need to be replaced. Occasionally, the zipper is in tact and the problem is the zipper pull. If this is the case, we can usually just replace the pull for a lesser charge.

Please email or call to find out how we can make your next sewing project a success.
Phone: 978-302-7328